1、Date & Time

  October 12-13, 2016      08:30A.M.-17:30P.M.            


2、Participating Requirements

  Please have your Baggage checked before entering the venue, dangerous goods and illegal items are prohibited inside the summit; 入会前请自觉接受安检,严禁携带危险及违规物品进入峰会现场;

  Smoking or open flames are prohibited inside the summit;会场内严禁吸烟及明火;

  Please take care of objects during the summit period,in case of any damage caused by violation of the regulations,one shall bear responsibilities himself.请注意爱护展品,如有损坏,责任自负;

   Global value chain is a high end summit of speciality, people under 16 are not allowed to enter.全球价值链创新发展峰会属于专业性高端会议,谢绝16岁以下未成年人参观,敬请谅解;

3、Participating Method与会方式

  Early Application is needed before participating the summit.观众需提前报名。

4、Free Public Transport免费公共交通

  Bus & metro voucher:GVC summit provides bus and metro voucher for people who register for the summit. The voucher can be used to take metor and bus to or from Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.免费公交地铁乘车券:第十一届物博会为大会持证持票人员提供免费公交地铁乘车券,凭券在物博会期间可享受免费乘坐地铁和途径深圳会展中心的公交到离深圳会展中心。